We can provide you with the staffing solutions or faciltiy management services that you require.


Facility Operation

Facility operation outsourcing is fast becoming a major industry. Companies are learning that they can outsource the management of their facilities and save money while obtaining a better product. This allows a company to focus on their core business. In this age of extreme competition any edge helps.

We can implement a computerized preventive maintenance program, develop a plan to reduce energy consumption, minimize the risk of operational interruption, oversee mechanical projects and repair-safety systems.

We provide our clients with staff management, appropriate technical expertise, preventive maintenance, and the effective use of resources at the lowest possible cost. Our services are designed to protect your capital investment, train employees in applicable skill sets, and maintain interior and exterior equipment. Our pledge is to design a program that assures you of a hazard-free environment for your customers, employees, staff, and visitors.

Building Commissioning

Building Commissioning is becoming more important for most new facilities. Many buildings are started up and turned over to an uneducated owner before all the buildings systems are properly operating. This causes resentment in the owner and potentially lost future sales for the construction team involved. When building commissioning is done right it involves a multi step process.

Facility Maintenance

Facility Healthcare Services can provide you with the staffing solutions or service needs that you require. If you you have any questions regarding other services please call or e-mail and we can discuss your specific needs.

Staffing Solutions

If you are considering outsourcing your physical plant or maintenance staff we can provide staff absorption solutions to meet your needs. If you you have any questions regarding our staffing solutions please call or e-mail and we can discuss your specific needs.

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