Facility Healthcare Services (FHS) is a company that is dedicated to providing quality solutions for your facility needs. FHS started out based on the needs of our clients. Our customers needed part time and full time Stationary Engineers to meet there long as well as short term needs. We developed a solution to fill the need for qualified and licensed physical plant operation personnel. We now provide several staffing solutions such as Stationary Engineers, maintenance personnel, and facilty helpers.

Over time it became apparent that many customers in our industry were beginning to outsource more than just power plant operations. We again developed a solution to meet those needs. We have in house staff that can help you manage part or all of your facilities operational needs.

FHS is committed to providing outstanding facilities services. Many other outsourcing companies try to provide as many services as they can. We specialize in the facilities management portion. We have found that we are more successful and provide better customer results by focusing on what we do best.